November update

It’s been the end of November, it’s raining, the weather is gray, the freezing temperatures have announced its arrival and everything may seem sad, but then it’s good that you can play all the poker you want. And the game it stays there! Therefore, it is time to look at the rankings before we go into December.

National Rankings:

On the National rankings, Henrik Andersen is in the lead, after playing 6 events. Among other things, he has a 2nd place for the Amager Poker Championship, and a couple of solid results online, and that is enough for him to be No. 1 right now with well over 150 ranking points down to the nearest successor. The closest successor is Sonny Hansen who took most of his ranking points to the Poker Championship in Aalborg, where he ended up making a 4-way deal for DKK 5,371.80.

Region 1:

In region 1, it is Karsten Rasmussen who leads. He has 1094.23 ranking points after 10 events. Just behind is Kenneth Lindquist with 918.85 ranking points, and in 3rd place is Team DAPT player Jacob Odland. Jacob has only played 4 events and has thus scraped 838.87 ranking points together, he has done this after 2 victories. 1 in Aalborg and 1 in Grenå. So region 1 is still open, and anything can still happen here.

Region 2:

In region 2 the race is really close! And there is really a battle for the points between the top 5-6 in the rankings. Mark Bærentsen from Kolding leads the rankings, Kim Bach Jespersen is right on his heels while young Frederik Mikkelsen from Sdr. Felding is in 3rd place and is lurking. The 2 seasoned players do not have to rest much on their laurels until Frederik Mikkelsen is ready to punish them. This is Frederik’s first season in the DAPT direction, and what an achievement it could be if he took the rankings down. We will see later this year about the 18-year-old player from Sdr. Felding has what it takes.

Region 3:

In Region 3, there is a minor race at the top between Zlatko Lambevski and Flemming Yoon Lynggaard. There are about 100 ranking points between these two, though in Zlatko’s favor. There are a full 500 points down to 3rd place. So right now it’s about the top primarily about the 2.